5Spot Vol. 23

I'm back! DID YOU MISS ME?! Come on, I know you did!

I hope he stays seated the whole season! 

I hope he stays seated the whole season! 

  1. Small business owners, doctors included, need to practice better customer service. It is unacceptable if I inquiry about your availability on the 15th and you respond on the 26th. UNACCEPTABLE! It is unacceptable for you to have a client waiting for longer than 15 minutes for a scheduled appointment. UNACCEPTABLE! I will glady take my money and my TIME elsewhere! I really hate when bad customer services happens to good doctors. 
  2. People who blow their nose into a tissue, then put it in their pocket and reuse the same tissue 30 minutes later gross me out! 
  3. Remember, never sweat on their time, never shit on yours!
  4. The underwire popping out of your bra has to be in the top 10 of first world problems. I'd put it right under growing out your eyebrows!
  5. Kudos to Colin Kaepernick! It is nice to see so many athletes, or even people with influence, to use their status for something greater than themselves! I stand with Kaepernick! 

Next week I will be sharing recaps of my recent trip to Africa! Yes, I know Africa is a continent, but I ventured to four different countries on this trip. Enjoy your long weekend guys! 


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