When Memes Try It Vol. 4

LMAO! I am laughing before I even begin to type a word. This is quite possibly one of the most baffling images I have seen on the Internets.

What is this shit? No really what does this mean? Please help me understand! I have so many thoughts so where we go with them.

So, about this.

So, about this.

  1. Who is picking up who up at jail? 
  2. It is a jail right? It has barb wire and a gate, so its gotta be a jail.
  3. Someone has some coin because that is a brand new Mercedes.
  4. Why did she lose a foot? Does she have the sugar?
  5. Did she just get out of jail and he bought her a new Mercedes to come back and stunt on bitches?
  6. Her right foot is gone. Can she drive with her left foot? I wish I could drive with my left foot.
  7. Why is she blindfolded? 
  8. Her Pompadour is fly though. 
  9. She's blind with one leg and got a man who held her down while she did a bid. She a bad bitch! 
  10. What if she went to jail to take the rap for him; so he bought her the car as a token of gratitude for the doing the bid? 

The artist captioned the picture on his Instagram with the standard wedding vows, "To have and to hold..." I would really like an explanation of the meaning behind this picture. Its a pretty loaded drawing. However, I got a good cackle out of this one! One thing is for sure, dude loves that girl. Look at the way he is looking at her. That's LOVE! 

What do you think it means?