Victoria Falls!

Who got to see one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World two weeks ago? THIS GIRL! 

In my travels, I have seen some pretty amazing waterfalls, but none of them compare to the amazingly gorgeous Victoria Falls. I was able to enjoy Victoria Falls in not only one country, but TWO! On my first day in Livingstone, Zambia, we ventured to out to see the Falls from Zimbabwe. We paid $30 for a single entry Visa at the Zimbabwe border. That was an interesting experience within itself. There were a lot of visitors in a tight HOT space. Your patience will be tested; there is no such thing a swift service at this border post! Just a warning for you. LOL!

After getting in Zimbabwe we walked to Park and paid another $30 to enter to see the Zimbabwean side of the falls! It was worth every penny! Within minutes of entering the park, you could hear the roar of the falls! Everywhere you looked you saw rainbows as the mist of the falls fell down on you. They call Victoria Falls - the smoke that thunders. It is named after the British of them Victoria's, LOL! 

The resort we stayed at in Zambia, we were able to do a 5 minute walk to see the Zambian side of the Falls. This side of the falls was drier than the Zimbabwean side, but still it was amazing to marvel at God's work! 

If you make it to South Africa, I wholeheartedly recommend making a stop in Livingstone, Zambia to check out the falls on both the Zambia and Zimbabwe side. You can get direct flights from Johannesburg. 

Enjoy the pictures below of the breathtaking Victoria Falls!