The Jig is So Damn High!

Whew! Listen, I see the jig, do you? It is at an all time high. It's quite laughable at this point. 

Mrs. West come save us! 

Mrs. West come save us! 

Last evening, I was enjoying the RNC festivities. What a delight that was? By delight I mean a scary fantasy land where racist people try to tell everyone else that we are crazy. I have not seen something so perplexing in a long time.

So many things were glaring after watching three hours of that mindless dribble. So of course I have got to share them with you.

  1. Melania! Melania! Melania! I mean come on. Next time you steal someones words at least try to deliver them with the same level of conviction. Please show me where Melania has used 'your word is bond" ever before in life.  The funniest thing about it is that the campaign manager  stated that "Obviously Michelle Obama feels very much similar sentiments about her family." OMGGGGGGG! The jig is higher than giraffe pussy. You have spent months telling people that they do not share the same values at the Obama family and that is your excuse! Come better!
  2. Are people really this stupid? Really this full of hate that they will let it blind them into thinking this is a viable option for unity?!
  3. Giuliani got up there and sounded like my crazy deaf old neighbor who yells down the street. He stated we are "One America." Really? He can't be serious can he?! Like sir my mother, MY MOTHER, not my great grandmother was not born with the right to vote. Sir sit down please! I was secretly hoping his dentures fell out his damn mouth.
  4. I really wish racist people would stop using MLK as the example of how to be the ideal peaceful protester. HE WAS ASSASSINATED TOO! What kind of logic is that? I mean...
  5. A black man got his ol Uncle Ruckus ass up on national television last night and said that the Black Lives Matter movement is anarchy. A black man got on national television last night and said that people demanding equal treatment and humaity is anarchy. A black man... I really need someone to tell me how much a Trump check is? Hey Omarosa, let a sister know! 

Guys, I am at a lost. I really don't know how we beat this level of hate. The underbelly of racism in America is in full fledged vengeance mode. How do you defeat this? HOW SWAY? HOW?


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