5Spot Vol. 21

Here we are at the start of another week! So much has happened in a short time. Way too much, so I was thankful for some mindless celeb beef! 

Kim K held her man down last night! 

Kim K held her man down last night! 

  1. ALL HAIL KIMBERLY NOEL KARDASHIAN WEST! Whew! She gathered Taylor Swift all the way up last night and I was here for it! I have never been a fan of Taylor's victim act. Kim came ready with the receipts last night on her snapchat and I loved every second of it. 
  2. Business cards are the paper form of voicemail.  
  3. The more these tragedies take place we find out how many people that we personally know hate black people. It is truly astounding to me! Quite frankly its down right terrifying! Honestly I was not ready for this.
  4. Why must the women/wives on TV shows be so insufferable? Skylar White, Carmela Soprano, Betty Draper, Jessica Brody, Abby Donovan, Delonda Brice... and the list goes on and on. After watching Power last night, I have to add to the list Holly and Angela. They are fucking terrible.
  5. In 30 days, I am headed to Africa for the first time. I will be visiting Zambia and South Africa. I am so ready. My soul is so ready for this experience!!!! 

Try to keep cool in the heat this week friends!