The Fuck It's So Hot For?!

No! It is down right offensive outside. Like so god damn offensive. The heat smacked me in my damn face like I owed it money this morning when I stepped out the house. 

Someone please tell me how the GOP can deny climate change. It is hot! Like too god damn hot! I don't think I have ever felt oppressive heat like this before. I want to feel like I am being dramatic, but nope!

Here are all the thoughts currently running through my head:

I now understand this woman's anguish! 

  1. Fuck this! FUCK WORK! I want to stay home and work in my panties.
  2. Why do the children get to stay home from camp? If its not safe for them to be out in the heat, why is it safe for me to go to work?
  3. Our ancestors. How did the ancestors pick that cotton and tobacco in this heat! LAWD! (Note: everything comes back to the ancestors these days. I am woke! LOL!)
  4. What is the least amount of clothes I can wear to work but still be appropriate?
  6. I hope I still have deodorant at work.
  7. Today should be canceled.
  8. Why am I sweating right there? I have sweat glands there? UGH! 
  9. I need another shower and I haven't even gotten to the office.
  10. I am just mad for no reason! 

If you don't have to go out today, then DON'T! Stay hydrated friends! Stay cool!


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