If You Don't Move to These Songs, You Might Be a Serial Killer

Earlier this week on gchat, KG and I were talking about classic songs. He was like "If you don't move to that song..." and I finished his statement by saying "...then you are Dexter!" So naturally we gotta write a blog post! 

She Says:

Man this was a hard one! 

  1. PYT (Michael Jackson)  - How can you not move to this? Just a downright classic song that never gets old. RIP MJ! 
  2. Outstanding (Gap Band) - This old school song just gets me doing that old lady two step. Uncle Charlie and them made  a groove with this one! 
  3. Is It Good To You (Heavy D) - This 90s groove has stood the test of time. All Heavy wanted to know if it was good. How considerate of him! RIP Heavy! 
  4. Feels Good (Tony! Toni! Tone!) - I mean it makes you feel good! Mission Accomplished! 
  5. Fantasy Remix (Mariah Carey & ODB) - It has Old Dirty Bastard and Mariah Carey together. Who would think they would ever collab and make something so fun! 

Ok and one more for good measure... Back Dat Azz Up! No song in the history of songs can get women on the dance floor faster than this song! When you hear that first "dun" you need to start assuming the position -- bent knees, arched back, hands on knees. Your ass needs to immediately be in twerk position before Juve even says a word. By the time he says "girl.." you need to be twerking like your life depended on it! 

If you don't move to any of these songs you are bat shit crazy in my book! 


He Says:

Let's go! 

  1. Never Too Much (Medium Sized Luffa) - First five seconds of this song pushes you out your seat.
  2. Before I Let Go (Frankie Beverly and Maze) - You can either two step or electric slide to this joint. But either way…you are dancing!
  3. Encore (Cheryl Lynn) - I honestly still don’t know what she is talking about on this song.
  4. Ownlee Eue (Kwame) - Before Biggie killed his career, Kwame released this track that still can get people on the floor till this day!
  5. Back Dat Azz Up (Juvenille) - This song been taking ova since the 99 into 2000. Enough said!

Honorable Mention: Swag Surfin by F.L.Y- The rock back from side to side is such an unbelievable feeling.

Side note to my list: I clearly grew up in Baltimore and attended a lot of crab feasts based off this list. Please consult me for your playlist needs! LOL!