2016, Why So Fast?!

Can you believe that it is July already? I know I can't! This is the perfect time to reflect on where you are on your 2016 goals.

For the last four years I've hosted a vision board party for my friends and family. We gather together for food, fellowship, and vision building! It is always a great time!  My vision board sits next to my TV on my dresser. I look at it every day multiple times a day. I have mantras and other helpful affirmations tapped to the inside of my bathroom mirror! VISUALIZATIONS ARE IMPORTANT! 

My 2016 Vision Board! 

My 2016 Vision Board! 

So as we start the second half of 2016, today is the I am going to gauge how I am progressing against the goals I set for the year. 

  1. Travel Goals 
    • I hit up Cartagena. I didn't make Bogota though.
    • No plans for Cuba this year, but I have time to start making them for 2017!
    • My Mediterranean Cruise for October is paid off and plans to do Barcelona for a few days are set! 
  2. Money/Career Goals
    • I got a promotion at work so I grew my income!
    • I have automated my savings and have actively worked not to touch that account. 
    • Gotta admit, I am still working on my credit card debt and usage, but have made steps there in the right direction. 
    • Set up an investment account. 
    • Started this lovely site with accompanying social media accounts. Thank you all for reading! :) Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. HAHA! 
  3. Health Goals
    • I am pressing towards my goal to lose 75lbs. I need to lose another 50lbs to reach this goal. I have hit a roadblock thanks to my former birth control method, but I am not giving up.
    • I have been working out consistently. I have been maintaining 4-5 workouts a week. 
    • Now the eating right, I could do better here. The food is my weak spot! I acknowledge it! 
    • I took lessons to learn how to ride a bike. SO YAY ME!
  4. Love/Relationship Goals
    • NEXT TOPIC! LMAOOOO! I am single as fuck!
    • But bright side, I took time to heal myself. Forgive myself from the last encounter. So open to the possibility of a NEW MAN, LOL!
    • Oh and good sex! BOMB SEX! That's needed too! 

Everything in the center of the board were more mantras and affirmation for me to remember as I move forward in my journey. All things I need to declare 2016 my best year yet! 

Have you done a mid year goal check? How are you pacing on your goals? Do you need to update a few? Here is to kicking 2016's ass!