What's Your Number?

Yea, I am asking! What is your number? Is it high? Are you embarrassed by it? 

My number used to be so high! So very high! I am proud of myself for lowering it, but its not low enough! Are you confused? Yea you are. I am not talking about my number of sexual partners. I am talking about credit card debt. YIKES!

Yesterday my good good girlfriend Ashlee informed me that she paid off one of her credit cards! YAY! Later in the day we continued to talk about credit card debt balances of people we know. A good amount of people who we work with or are friends with carry some level of credit card balances. 

It is a heavy burden! 

It is a heavy burden! 

I honestly think we should talk about finances and money with our friends more than we do! Many are suffering in silence thinking they are alone and most of the people around them are drowning in debt. I read an article this morning that stated 66 million Americans have no savings. According to a 2015 study, the average U.S. Household has $15,762 in credit card debt. That's on top of mortgages, student loans, and auto loans. Ay dios mio!     

In my conversation with Ashlee, I stated I could literally only think of one thing that I purchased with my credit cards -- that was a new AC unit for my house. So last night I logged on and looked. What did I spend thousands of dollars on? 

It so easy to keep swiping your card and worry about it later. It's so easy to buy the new pair of shoes or the new dress. NO MORE! 

So again I ask you what's your number? Do you even know? Do you have a plan to get your number back to zero? Let's talk about money baby!