The Rudest People on Earth...

...are fucking male commuters! No questions about it! 

I mean it! Male commuters are the rudest people I have ever encountered in my life! I commute four times a week from Baltimore to DC. I ride the train to DC and then take the metro to my job. Every day I am more amazed at the blatant and downright rude behavior of men on the train.

As we were pulling into Union Station this morning, I wake up from my normal nap just in time to see a woman collapse. She had been standing for the bulk of the trip. Another female passenger and I rush to her aid as she had fallen face first and it appeared she had hit her head on the chair going down. Once we rolled her over, we saw that she was pregnant! OMG!

We all screamed for a doctor and finally the woman came to. THANK GOODNESS! Once she came to and we helped her up off the floor, finally a man offered her a seat! It only took her falling out flat on her face to get a man to give up his seat for her. 

He sure does look comfortable! 

He sure does look comfortable! 

Day after day I see this shit all the time, men allowing pregnant and elderly woman to stand while they sit comfortably in their chairs. I have on many occasions given up my seat for pregnant and elderly woman, even a man who had a cast on his foot. I am just floored at how men do not have the decency to allow pregnant and elderly women, to have a seat. 

Not only will male commuters not give up their chairs, they hit you with their backpacks and don't say excuse me. They push and shove you on the metro cars and up the escalators. It's like damn motherfucker, calm down! I am fine with standing, but men should always offer their seats to pregnant and elderly women! Once a man offered me his seat, and I was so stunned, because it had never happened before. 

After years of commuting, I am sick of it! What the fuck happened to courtesy? A courteous act will always merit a courteous response. Remember that my friends!