When Memes Try It! Vol.3

I always try to avoid certain topics. Sometimes I just can't! I have to speak on things! This meme has been circling the internet for a few weeks now and its the dumbest shit ever!

North Carolina, what have you done?! How can people possibly be upset about advocates trying to afford American citizens protections they are owed by the law? I just don't understand how people, and minorities at that, can openly support laws based in bigotry! 



This meme is complete bullshit in its attempt to undermine the rights of transgendered people. Why is there an assumption that affording one group of people their rights that we are allowing sexual predators and pedophiles the freedom to enter bathrooms? I have two fucking news flashes for people.

  1. Sexual predators and pedophiles could enter the bathroom prior to any laws. Sexual assaults have been happening. 
  2. Your dumb ass has been using the bathroom with transgender people and probably didn't even know it. You just mad to be mad now!

Please tell me what is stopping a sexual predator from entering a woman's bathroom to assault me prior to any laws to assist the transgender community? Why would we put an entire group of citizens at risk of violence and shaming by forcing them to use a bathroom they are not comfortable with? If you are so worried about sexual predators, maybe we need to address a larger issue of sexual violence and other sex crimes. 

Y'all worried about sexual predators in public bathrooms, but some of us let Uncle Billy who is extra friendly with the kids sit at the Thanksgiving dinner table every damn year. Passing him the yams and smiling and shit and laughing with him. STFU! I mean call a spade a fucking spade. 

Stop using the children as an excuse. I also have laughed at all of the parents who are mad at the Obama Administration directive for allowing transgender students the ability to use the restroom of their gender identity.  

I am more worried about the safety of people in the transgender community than my own. Please just stop the bullshit rhetoric! This is just a new way to justify discrimination! POINT BLANK PERIOD!