Girl Where is Your Dignity?

Every now and then we all need someone to grab us and talk some sense to us! Sometimes your friends won't do it, so let AB be your friend today! 

Girl what the fuck is wrong with you? What in the entire fuck are you thinking? That's the problem you aren't thinking! Stop it! Stop disrespecting your self this very minute! I know, we have all been here before, but I can't let you continue down this path! Nope not on my watch! 

Everyone wants to be loved and cared for! Yet you can don't have to abandon your dignity in this quest and desire for love! If you find yourself in one of these situations, snap the fuck out of it and move the hell on! 

Girl you know what to do! 

Girl you know what to do! 

  1. If the only way to get a man to go out with is to send a text stating "I got a proposition for you that will end in a sexual favor." Ma'am they have a word for this -- it's called prostitute.
  2. If he only communicates with you between the hours of 11:00pm and 4:00am, yea you are just sex. Now if that's what you want then by all means keep fucking. However, if you are looking for a relationship, then ma'am no! 
  3. Yes he is your boo and he's rich, but you are unhappy. Is it really worth risking all of your other feelings for financial security and stability? You deserve an authentic connection.
  4. You are fat. He fucks you. You are fat. He eats dinner with you sometimes. Yet he won't claim you in public. He only responds to your text about sex. Sis...Sis....Sis... yes you are fat, but you are capable and deserving of finding a worthy lover! 
  5. He dampers your spirit! He can't appreciate your vibrancy or femininity, without criticism. Maybe its jealous or he has low self esteem, either way you shouldn't have to deal with his resentment. Don't ever let anyone make you feel small!  

I can go on and one with personal stories and stories I hear from others. But girl just stop it! You deserve more than this! Work on yourself and heal. You have to love and respect yourself before you can demand reciprocity. I love you girl, so stop demeaning yourself! LIVE AND BE HAPPY!