5 Spot Vol.16

Memorial Day I see you and I am ready! Summer Sixteen is almost here! 

So proud of her! She is so gorg! 

So proud of her! She is so gorg! 

  1. Game of Thrones! GAME OF FUCKING THRONES! HOLD THE DOOR! OMG! I really dropped a few tears for that ending. 
  2. I quickly wiped my tears away to turn to see my bitch Rihanna perform at the Billboard Awards. She did a great job! Like she isn't winning vocalist of the year, but she hit them notes! The performance was filled with emotion and her mic was ON! I am just so proud of her growth! I really am!
  3. Speaking of the Billboard Awards, they need to be fined for that Prince Tribute. That was the worse rendition of Purple Rain, I have ever heard in my damn life. Stevie Wonder couldn't even save that tribute.
  4. I started driving for Uber and I am addicted to the surge! I think I might start an Uber confessions segment of the blog soon! The stories I hear man!
  5. The election cycle in this country is too long! Like we have got to shorten this thing up! Sick of hearing about these horrible candidates. 

I go on vacation on Wednesday! Hope that you all have a great week -- dont worry! I will leave a few post for your guys!  :-)