5Spot Vol.18

I'm back! I had to take a small break, but I missed you guys! Might be a spoiler or two below...FYI! 



  1. I did not watch one second of basketball this year, but when I tell you these memes after last night game are funny. I mean the MJ cry face really is undefeated. However, the internet has no chill putting the MJ cry face on Riley, LOL! Who gave y'all fools photoshop? 
  2. GAME OF FUCKING THRONES! WHEW SHIT!!! Not in a long time have a I watched a show that had my heart beating that fast. I glanced at my Apple Watch and my heart rate peaked at 125! 125 and I was just watching a TV show!
  3. Sansa Stark, I did not know that you had it in you! I didn't but BRAVO bitch!
  4. Khalessi and her damn dragons! Her team rides so hard for her! LOVE IT! The women were running it this episode! 
  5. Ramsey is DEAD! YAY! This was way more satisfying than Joffrey's death! 

Anyhoo, here is to another great week my friends! KICK ASS!