5 Spot Vol.11

Where in the hell is Spring? Why was it snowing this weekend? What is happening in the world? LOL!

I mean.... 

I mean.... 

  1. Rihanna is dope. Rihanna is a bad bitch. Rihanna is amazingly gorgeous. Yes I live for Rihanna! Yes I am in the fucking Navy! On Saturday, I went to the Anti World Tour stop in Baltimore and as I expected had a bomb ass time. Rihanna gave us what she could give us and it was dope! That girl has a serious catalog. She performed about 25 songs and I still left like damn she did not perform this one and that one! She bad tho!
  2. I am still skeptical about this Starbucks rewards program changing. Why are they giving away gold status this month? Do you know how much money I spend to keep gold status? LOL!
  3. Affirmations are really powerful tools to set intentions. Try them out! My affirmation recently has been "I deserve happiness, stability, love, and great sex.  I deserve to live my calling." 
  4. My motivation to work is to primarily pay mortgage and then pay for vacations. LOL! 
  5. "Not every no needs to be followed by an explanation!" WHAT A DAMN WORD TO RECEIVE! 

Here's to kicking this week's ass!