Wax On! Wax Off!

This might be the most random and ridiculous blog post you have ever read, LOL! However, I started adding up how much I spend on waxing areas of my body and got angry! 

Men are so lucky. They don't have as many expensive beauty treatments to receive on a frequent basis. I am just feed up with it! LOL! Every month, every 6-8 weeks, I am on someone's table getting hot wax spread on me and ripped off! Then I am giving them money to do this too me! Why is the world like this, LOL!

Here are the top five "places" that I wish would stay permanently waxed lol! 

Look at her underarms! PERFECTION! 

Look at her underarms! PERFECTION! 

  1. My Upper Lip -- Why god? WHY? There is no reason for women to have hair on their upper lip. It's just not fair Jesus!
  2. My Underarms -- Shaving is just so much more convenient but then your underarms don't look pretty! Last week Beyonce dropped her images for her Ivy Park line and I was staring at that bitch's perfect underarms. She really is a unicorn.
  3. Inside of my Booty Cheeks -- Yup! I went there! I don't care what anyone says, but the best part of the Brazilian experience is having a hair free booty cheeks. The smoothness, the delight! This is why the Brazilian was created. Sometimes I'd rather just pay for the cheekies to get waxed and not the vag at all! 
  4. My Chin -- Again, why do women need chin hair. Nothing is worse then catching that one long hair dangling from your chin! UGH!
  5. My Back -- Now this is one that I don't do often, like once a year, but I do it. I am thankful for a best friend who waxes it for me so its free. But this hurts more than a Brazilian. NO LIE! When she goes over my spine, HELP ME! 

Am I alone here? I know I can't be! Just like why can't we grow hair only in places where we need it! LOL! The joys of being a woman!