I Bet You Think This Post is About You!

It might be. It could be. It probably is you vain motherfucker!

Yesterday, I told you all that I went to the Rihanna concert. That shit was fucking amazing! Anyway, in between me dancing and singing my heart out, I noticed one thing in particular -- SNAP CHAT! Every where I turned that is all I saw on people's screens! LIKE WTF!!!!!

The most beautiful girl in the world is on stage performing for you. The person you paid good money to see is on the stage performing for you, but you rather look at your fucking face in a five inch screen singing along. UMMMM OK! I literally did three snaps when Rihanna first came out and then I put my phone away. I had to bask in the aurora of Rihanna! I had no time for snap! 

Go ahead and follow me though! LMAO! 

Go ahead and follow me though! LMAO! 

What has happened to us? We are so fucking caught up in seeing our fucking selves so much? Now don't get me wrong, I love a good social media stunt like the next person, but you can't even enjoy a fucking concert without looking at your fucking face?! Yes I am ranting, but come on now! 

Go to any concert now a days and you will see half the damn audience watching the concert through their phone and not enjoying the moment that they are in. Have we all become that narcissistic? Is that the thrill? Watching others for 2 hours mindlessly sing along to themselves in their phone, I must admit it looked quite dumb! 

I am pretty sure all of your friends clicked through your snap any way, so was it worth it?  *deep sigh* I think we all could learn to live in the moment a bit more sans the smartphone!