5Spot Vol. 6

Another day, another dollar! Why do the weekends go by so fast?! 

When fictional campaigns are better than the real ones! 

When fictional campaigns are better than the real ones! 

1. Fuck everyone who posted House of Card spoilers on social media this weekend! Like we could not even get a week to try to watch the season! DAMN ALL OF YOU!

2. God bless you people who have young kids!  How do you do it? I went to gymboree with my nephews this weekend and it wore me out.  After boot camp and errands, to then have to entertain twin nine month old boys... I WAS WORN THE HELL OUT! God bless you parents, you always have to be on.  I'll add this to my growing 'con list' for having kids. 

3. Dear Ebony Magazine fuck you too! Like I was so happy to see your "Body Brigade" March cover. It's glorious, but I couldn't even enjoy it because I immediately thought "wonder when i will get this issue?" Ebony Magazine should be ashamed of themselves for the handling and disbursement of magazines to their subscription base.  I just received the Cosby issue last month. My subscription started in July and I have only received two magazines. PISS POOR! I tweeted them about my disdain and they liked my tweet, but did not respond! Oh ok! *insert eye roll emoji*

4. "The women whom I love and admire for their strength and grace did not get that way because shit worked out. They got that way because things went wrong, and they handled it...Those women are my superheros." - Elizabeth Gilbert

5. The grossest account on Instagram by far is Dr. Pimple Popper. UGH! *VOMITS*

Have a great week everyone!