When Memes Try It! Vol. 2

Another day, another bullshit meme! Why can't memes just be funny? Why do they have to make fake deep ones! Who knew this would become a regular post?!

At least this time I did not find it in the social media wasteland of stupidity, Facebook.  Scrolling my Twitter feed at lunch and I saw the most ridiculous meme of the week. LOL! It just so happen that I was not planning on writing about it, but then I received an email from a reader asking for my commentary on a topic that was related. However, that is another post, coming soon though! 

*insert eye roll emoji* 

*insert eye roll emoji* 

But, where do I start with this one?  

The thing that glared to me the most about this image was that only one person was doing any work. We see the woman literally putting the man together. She's the only one in this image doing anything. Like is this man humpty dumpty? Why the fuck is she putting him back together again?

Where is the reciprocity?  Now before you rush to conclusion, I think its appropriate for  a woman to support her man. HOWEVER, he has to help himself too! You can't expect to others to do the work that you need to do for yourself. You can't leave all of your broken pieces scattered about for the next person who enters your life to pick them and fix you! NO!  NOT FAIR! 

People who expect others to do their heavy lifting will drain the life out of you! Those who only know how to take will never be happy. You get back what you put into the world. So if you are constantly making withdrawals and never depositing, you will never get anything back! I will gladly help a man build and encourage him to fulfill his dreams, but he better damn well better be prepared to do the same for me! 

Am I off base here? Let me know what you think!