5Spot Vol.9

Who is going to be the brave soul that starts the petition for a four day work week? The weekends just go so fast. I don't know what is worse, Monday dread on Sunday evenings or Monday mornings themselves? 

The good 'ol days! 

The good 'ol days! 

  1. Note to self: STOP diagnosing yourself via the internet. Everything on WebMD leads to cancer. You keep reading it and next thing you know you have given yourself 4 days to live. LOL! It's a terrible habit that I am currently working on breaking. 
  2. Facebook memories are great! I look forward to that notification every day. I feel old as hell that I have been on The Book for 12 years and it reminds me of the simpler times. I remember when it was THE Facebook. It took me years to stop typing the URL, www.thefacebook.com. LOL!
  3. "Anyone that values you in their life will make an undeniable effort to be apart of yours." - My BFF Jazo
  4. I wish that retailers would realize that 20% off isn't enough to make me consider it a deal. I need at least 30% off and free shipping!  AT LEAST!
  5. One of my greatest fears in life is becoming a meme!

Happy Monday! Hope this week you kick ass! The first quarter of 2016 is almost over, I hope you are making progress on those goals!!!!!!