I Gotta Get This Out...

I am not annoyed, but I need to get some things out my system so I feel better! In the words of Whitley Gilbert, "Relax. Relate. Release!" I am sure some of these you feel the same way! 



  1. If the same shade of eyeshadow touches your eye line and eyebrow, ma'am you have messed up. Please wipe it off and start again!
  2. Uber drivers who talk to fucking much, please stop! Sir, I am not in here to be your friend, please just drive me to Union Station because Metro is fucking up, again! 
  3. Life is too short for bad sex. So all those with weak meat, please keep your "Hey Stranger" text to yourself. 
  4. Sometimes you got to treat people like a blank envelope and not address them! Didn't some reality show star say this? Maybe we still need reality shows after all! LOL! 
  5. Not everyone has to believe in religion. You can still be spiritual and not believe in religion. It is possible. Stop forcing your beliefs on others. Let people live! 
  6. These eyebrows have to stop. I can't trust people who wash their eyebrows off every day! LMAO!
  7. Why do women have to grow facial hair? It's not fair Jesus. I have to spend money on lip waxes and chin waxes. HELP ME FATHER! 
  8. When will DRIOD and iPhone users end the beef? Yes Samsung makes better phones and I don't give a fuck. NEXT TOPIC!
  9. Why do women who can't walk in heels insist on wearing them? Girl just stop! You don't have to do it.
  10. Why is eating good so damn hard? So much good food out here that is so bad for you, but I still want it! 

Whew! I feel better now! LOL!