5 Reasons I am Considering Staying Fat

Ok! I am joking! But losing weight is not easy. Why is gaining weight so much easier? How do you not notice when you gained so much weight! I started actively working out in June 2015. I didn't get serious about it until January 2016 though. 

Let me get out this here rant! Here are the five reasons, I am considering staying fat:

No nose job here! I just lost weight, LOL! 

No nose job here! I just lost weight, LOL! 

  1. Eating right is hard. Like it is really hard. Planning meals and prepping meals takes alot of work. Sometimes you just want the greasy pepperoni pizza and not the lean protein with veggie option.
  2. Buying new clothes sucks.  Yes you read that right! I really rather spend my money on vacations and not clothes. However so many of my things are so big on me that I really should buy new clothes. But I will need to buy new clothes again probably in the next few months. 
  3. I've always been fat. I can never in life look back at a picture and be like "Remember when I was a size 4." Nope never! LOL! 
  4. So I can stay on my birth control. I gained 42 pounds on my birth control in 6 months and did not notice it at all. HOW SWAY? Now that I have stopped taking it my skin is full of acne and I have periods again. LORD WHY?!?! Is losing weight worth pimples and periods? LOL!
  5.  Increased appetite. Working out 5 times a week and burning 700+ calories a session leads to me be hungry two hours after eating dinner, even with snacking, I feel like I am always hungry. BLAHHHH! This is truly a first world problem, I know! 

I kid! Just venting a bit here. However, I promised myself this year I would lose 75lbs. I am going to do it! It has helped me to break down my goals into monthly goals. For example, I said the month of March I was going to work out 20-22 times.  Tomorrow when I work out it will be workout 21 of the month. So yay for crushing goals! Good luck to all my friends in the struggle! WE CAN DO IT!