Are The Checks Worth It?

Are the checks from reality shows worth it? I mean really week after week, we see the fuckery from various reality show stars and I am left wondering. 

Tara. Peter. Amina. LAWD HELP! If you have been watching Love & Hip Hop New York this season, or last season, you have seen the fuck shit that is the Peter Gunz love triangle. Every week I find myself tormented and troubled by this shit. Every week I label Tara and Amina as the dumbest women on earth.

Amina girl, that's how I be looking at you!

Amina girl, that's how I be looking at you!

Did they really sign up to put themselves on television every week to show how this disgusting man is using them? Peter Gunz is just vile; he really exposed the women that he allegedly cares about like this. Man fuck him! Is there a paycheck amount worth you exposing yourself in such a manner? I just can't. Thank God for Cardi B telling all three of them what they needed to hear! Cardi B for President! 

Then there is Kenya Moore on Real Housewives of Atlanta. You know I don't hate her as much as some do. However, she is completely delusional. You really sat up there on that couch this week and said that Kim Fields does not have a career. OK, chile you reaching more than Stretch Armstrong. She cant even hide her jealousy of Kim Field's career. She's got to stop it! 

I mean what happened to the light-hearted fuckery of reality TV? The days of Flavor of Love and I Love New York. God I really miss those days!