5Spot Vol.5

Happy Monday! I have so much to say today. I hope I can do it in five points! 

1. Underwood 2016! I am so ready to dive into this fictional Presidential campaign. Maybe this escapism will help me cope better with the shit show that happening in real life! Who else plans to spend their weekend binging on House of Cards? 

2. How is it Monday already? Can we start a White House petition for a four-day work week? 

Yes Chris! 

Yes Chris! 

3. Chris Rock!  I am a big fan of Chris and only really watched the Oscars to see what he was going to do! I am not a big movie goer, sorry not sorry! His opening monologue was great! His only misstep in my book was that Stacey Dash bit. It didn't translate well, but it showed that she is willing to do anything for the coins. Who else could have told Hollywood they were racist, to their faces on their biggest night? JOB WELL DONE! 

4. Last night on twitter, the hashtag #notyourmule sprung up. Essentially black twitter was profoundly stating that we don't have to speak and fight on behalf of other minorities when the favor is not always reciprocated. There were non black people of color on twitter complaining that Chris Rock did not mention Latinos and Asians. The #notyourmule hashtag was a response to that sentiment, stating that Blacks should not have to do all the work in the fight for equality. We consistently have never excluded anyone from the fights for injustice, yet you still want to assimilate when convenient but let black people take the brunt of the work. 

5. Black History Month 2016 has been so dope! 

That is all I have! Have a great week!