10 Bands for a Wedding Band?

10 Bands? 50 Bands? 100 Bands? Ah fuck it man! So unlike Drake, KG and I are going to discuss these bands. Is there an acceptable dollar amount for someone to spend on an engagement ring? Find out what we think about. 

He Says:        

So I was having a conversation of mine that went a little something like this:

Friend:  So I was on vacation just browsing in the store and I decided to go try on some rings (You know this is smart since you just started dating a dude 2 months ago).  The lady let me try on one that was only $8000.

Me:  Only??!?

Friend:  Yes only.  I always thought $10K was a standard for a ring

Me:  You are a damn idiot. 

Friend:  What do you mean?  I think with everything I have been through with guys, $10K isn’t that much.

Me:  Ok let me say this again.  You are an idiot.  And you might want to go buy a cat. 

Am I tripping?  10 stacks for a piece of jewelry??  Listen Linda…No.  Outside of the fact that we know the engagement ring industry is a sham DeBeers created, who in their right mind needs a $10K ring?  That’s right no one.  If I am dumb enough to spend that much on a rock, I am probably not the man you want to marry. 

These all have to cost $10K plus. 

These all have to cost $10K plus. 

Now before you just immediately say “K you are just a cheap ass Negro” just hear me out.  A woman demanding a man buy an expensive engagement ring, is most likely telling her man to throw away a significant amount of what will most likely become their income on an item that value is largely symbolic.  So if I was lucky enough to have $10K sitting around when I was preparing to marry you, why would I blow it all on one item that doesn’t even show that I am married to you (Remember you still have to go buy the wedding ring)?  I get it that you want something nice to wear on your ring to be a symbol of you love, but what is the cap?  Can you spend $2-4K on something that looks nice but doesn’t burn your pockets? 

I guess I am lucky enough to have married a woman who didn’t care too much about the amount or size of the ring.  I respect all of y’all men and women who find worth in this here purchase, but just remember that the geology doesn’t actually proclaim anything about your love.



She Says: 

Does size matter? YES! Size matters wether you are talking about wallets, dicks, tits, or diamonds! SIZE MATTERS! LOL! 

Man! How many times have I had the conversation with friends involving screenshots and the question "Would you say yes if he proposed with this?" HOW MANY TIMES LORD! It comes up a lot in conversation! It is a hot topic with black twitter too! 

Would you?

Would you?

Now I will be the first to admit, I love big, pretty, shiny, sparkly things! However, I am realistic. I have never been the girl looking on the Tiffany or Tacori website for engagement rings. Yet I will admire when I see Facebook friends who post amazingly gorgeous rings and I will also make a face when I see Facebook friends share rings that, how do I say this, don't fit my taste. Y'all can be honest too and admit you've screen shotted a ring and talked about it with your friends! 

What opened my eyes to the cost of engagement rings was going shopping with KG a few years ago. WHAT AN EYE OPENER! I had no idea what $5,000 could buy or could not buy. A study from Emory University looked at 3,000 American adults; the study made a suggestion that men who spent $2,000 to $4,000 on engagement rings were 1.3 times more likely to see their marriages end than those who spent $500 to $2,000. HMMMMM! 

The increased factor might come from the financial hardship that now exist from a man who overextended himself trying to purchase an expensive ring. Now if you have $10,000 or more to blow and want to buy a pricey engagement ring then by all means do it! 

In my case is it important to me to have a big bling? No. Would I turn down big bling if that is what I was proposed with? NO! Honestly, save the money on the ring, let's skip a wedding, and let's grab those passports and go somewhere amazingly fab! 

But hey that's just me!