5 Spot Vol. 4

Man so much has happened this week! Here are some random thoughts. 

  1. No one told me that the real pain of Invisalign would be the knife like edges of these aligners. MY GOODNESS! After 24 hours these stupid things have cut up my damn tongue and mouth. Also, please don't make fun of my new lisp. 
  2. Small business owners have to do better in managing their businesses and providing top notch customer service. I do not actively give my money to people who do not respect my time or money. It really pains me to have to stop supporting a black business when you have incredible skill, but poor business practices. 
  3. Heated seats are truly a gift from God! GLORY!!!!!!
  4. Why must honey crisp apples be so expensive. I purchased four honey crisp apples in Wegmans and they cost me $8.97. JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL! 

5. KUDOS TO THE ENTIRE BLACKISH TEAM! Last night's episode of was simply perfection and totally deserving of an Emmy win! Blackish is one of my favorite TV shows at the moment and last night they proved to me why they should be one of yours too! The episode tackled police brutality and black lives matter, in the most authentic way possible, yet somehow still kept to its comedic roots.  Dre's impassioned speech about the fear every black American has about our hope being taken from us at any moment was just flawless! The closing scene with Ruby spray painting "Black Owned" on the garage door was perfection! The episode did not answer any questions but it brilliantly showcased the thoughts and feelings and a generational perspective of many Black Americans. JOB WELL DONE!  But I do have one lingering question, how much did Chipotle pay ABC for that placement? I actually gave them a head nod, because I am pretty sure a lot of brands would not want to be associated with that episode. BURRITO BOWLS FOR EVERYONE!