I Am Insecure As Fuck!

Issa Rae girl, BRAVO! BRAVO! I just finished watching the season finale of Insecure. BRAVO!

I love love love Insecure. It is awesome to watch a show that I relate too and speaks to my demographic. When watching the show, I just smile at the authenticity of the dialogue, the slang, the conversations, well everything really! Sitting on the couch with #BlackTwitter makes it even better!

My immediate thoughts about the show/season finale (spoiler alert):

  1. The soundtrack was perfect for the show this evening! Was the song at the bar in Malibu saying "Birthday dick" or "Birthday bitch"? Let a sister know, cuz my birthday is in two weeks and I have a request, LOL!
  2. Molly was doing the absolute most all season. 
  3. Am I Kelli?
  4. Lawerence I was rooting for you! I was! He gave that bank teller that good ol hurtful dick! How you going to go get all your shit out the apartment, but leave the keys and that dry ass Best Buy shirt! Nigga! 
  5. The only winner of the episode was the bank teller. Did you see that arch she had in her back? Man Lawerence was giving her that good dick! Anyone got a .gif of that scene? But he did fuck up by fucking the bank teller. She's gonna have feelings and he did a revenge fuck! BAD MOVE HOMIE! 
  6. Was I the only one who rewound that scene? I mean I had to see if that was Issa's bed. I HAD TOO! But while I was reviewing I caught a good glimpse of that stroke. LAWRENCE GOT THAT GOOD DICK! 
  7. Lawrence really left the Best Buy shirt? That was petty as all fucks! I aspire to that level of petty! 
  8. When does Season 2 start?
  9. Molly always had Issa's back though. No matter what! I can respect the fuck out of that! 
  10. It's also nice to see Issa sporting t-shirts from Luuvie and bags from KasmirVII on her show! I love that she's throwing her support to other black women in the game! LOVE IT! 

I know I said this already, but I really do love the authenticity of the show. In the season finale, Issa wore a "Giver of No Dambs" shirt, which was pseudo shade to her situation with her best friend Molly. How true is that in real life though? We all walk around balancing this line of not giving one fuck, but trying to care about something. It's a weird place but Issa and team find a cool way of acting that out on screen every week. 

Since Insecure is done for the season, I will be reading Issa Rae's book next. If you have not watched the show you can binge it in a day since the episode are only 30 minutes! Do yourself a favor and watch it NOW! 

Insecure is every-fucking-thing!