When Memes Try It! Vol. 5

It's been a while that I have been so compelled to call out bullshit memes. Yet alas, the internet has provided! 

I always love when the HR Block part of the Internet uses memes to teach financial literacy and other pertinent messages. Yesterday, I swear I saw this meme shared at least a dozen times on my Facebook feed. Every time I rolled my eyes; here is why!

Nah son! 

Nah son! 

  1. So if I don't own a Gucci belt I can be a billionaire? That is all it takes?! LOL!
  2. They could be a $400 shirt that Zuckerberg has on. All expensive items aren't flashy.
  3. We can't see Gates shoes, he might have on some Prada loafers. Who knows? 
  4. I am sure that Gates and Zuckerberg both have luxury items that they like to splurge on, just might not be fashion related. 
  5. What's wrong with a gucci belt?
  6. I kinda get the point that the creator of the meme is trying to make, but it is belittling.
  7. If the purchaser of a Gucci belt has their finances in order, then let them enjoy their fucking Gucci belt.
  8. The more appropriate meme to me would have been, "138 billion in one picture and not one college degree in sight." Both of these billionaires dropped out of college to pursue their entrepreneurial endeavors. HOW ABOUT THEM APPLES!!!!!
  9. Stop shaming people for what they want to spend their money on! 

Family, I think there is a way to teach financial literacy and the value your hard earned dollars. These memes are not it! STOP!