That One Time...

...I came back from an amazing vacation and ended up in the emergency room the next day! Yea that was fun! 

I don't think that I was back in the country for a full 24 hours before I was headed to the emergency room. On my way back home, I was feeling a sharp pain in my side whenever I would get up, sit down, or bend over. I thought nothing of it, until the next day and I had a fever and could barely sit up. Still reluctant, I went to an urgent care center first, before they urged me to go to the damn emergency room. 

My clavicle is popping out there! LOL! 

My clavicle is popping out there! LOL! 

Thankfully I had my mom with me so I escaped the urgent care center without being transported in an ambulance. Nobody has time for a $500 bill from Baltimore City for an ambulance ride. LMAO! Long story short, I had to have an emergency appendectomy/ileocecectomy. After my surgery, I learned that my appendix had raptured and it did so, quite some time ago. *gasp* After a four-day stay in the hospital and a Facebook prayer request for farts, I was discharged to go home. 

I am so thankful that I was able to make it back into the country before my body just could not take it anymore. I could not imagine this happening while I was still in Europe. I have a few more weeks of recovery, but I am determined to get back to "normal" AB life. I will be sharing some of my vacation pics in an upcoming blog post. 

So here is to a great recovery and getting back in the swing of things! Did ya miss me? *varnell hill voice*


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