'No' is a Complete Sentence!

No! No! NO! See that was easy. Nancy Reagan told us to
"Just say no to drugs." I think we need to add a few more things to that list. 

Often times, women especially, we have a hard time saying no! We think we are superwoman and accept every invitation thrown at us - even if the invitation is to speak at a Trump rally. LMAO! I am exaggerating but you get the point. We feel bad for turning down invitations and request that don't serve our purpose for fear of letting others down. 

To make it easier for you, here are a list of things you can say 'No' to, in order to get practice: 

  1. Bad weaves and eye lashes. (I kid, LOL!)
  2. Being a bridesmaid for your friend if you can not afford it. Don't short change your friend because you can't afford the responsibilities that come along with your acceptance. 
  3. Taking on more work in your sorority, church, or other charitable organization because you feel obligated to say yes. 
  4. Staying late at work or working on your days off. 
  5. Group vacations! 
  6. Chipping in for a coworkers birthday gift. Gifts aren't obligations. 
  7. Someone ask to stay at your house. .
  8. To someone who ask to borrow money from you. 
  9. Going to a group dinner if you don't have the funds. Don't do be the person who leaves early and only leaves $20 for their $45 meal. DON'T!
  10. Anything you don't want to do! 

Just say no! Don't offer an explanation. It is not need. No is enough! Act like Sophia from The Color Purple and say it from your gut. LOL! 

Sometimes it takes being incredibly self aware of your needs to say 'no' to others. Know that being a proper gatekeeper of your time and efforts  could be way more beneficial to all parties involved. By saying 'no' sometimes it opens you up for opportunities you might otherwise miss. Don't feel guilty by saying 'no' - not for one second!