5 Spot Vol. 25

Rain rain go away! Come again another day! Where did the sun go?



  1. Wells Fargo is TRASH! Are they kidding me? The news about their shady and corrupt business practices keeps on coming. I didn't think a bank cold be worse than Bank of America, but here comes Wells Fargo. I had a Wachovia account and unfortunately Wells Fargo purchased them. As soon as this direct deposit hits in the new account all the Wells Fargo accounts will be closed with the quickness! 
  2. The new iMessage in iOS10 is bae! DO YOU HEAR ME? Try sending a nude with invisible ink and lasers! SHIT IS BOMB! I ask that all my friends just turn on their read receipts for me. It is an underutilized feature. You can do it just for my conversation. Thanks in advance. 
  3. Why do I love expensive skin care products? *WEEPS* 
  4. I have a love hate relationship with packing. I love it because it means travel soon comes, but I hate it because I have to pack. Complaining about packing is truly a first world problem. I am aware. 
  5. Ok. Mrs. Ferguson! We call your sister Mrs. Carter, I am going to call you Mrs. Ferguson. Solange girl you DID THAT! This new album is incredible! From start to finish! EXCELLENT! The interludes with Papa and Mama Knowles and Master P compliment the album so well! I am currently listening to the album for the 3rd time while I am writing this. My standouts so far are Don't Touch My Hair, Cranes in the Sky, F.U.B.U., and Don't Wish Me Well. OMG PERFECTION! 

In the words of Mrs. Ferguson, remember "SOME SHIT IS FOR US!"  Have a great weekend guys!


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