The Greatest Trilogy of All Time

I have a confession to make. My name is AB and I have never seen Star Wars.

Not one minute! I don’t get many of the pop culture references, but I do know about Luke Skywalker.  That’s his name right? Star Wars is killing it at the box office and all I keep seeing on social media is how dope it is. However I still have no desire to watch any of them. *Yeezy Shrug*

It got me thinking, there are a lot of things that people love that I have never seen.  I have never seen any of the following movies: Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jason Bourne movies, Blade, Lord of the Rings… As you can see most of these are series. Not interested. To make matters worse, I have never seen The Wiz either.  I did however watch the NBC musical that lets me keep my black card right??!? Right?!?

Fine Ass Luis

Fine Ass Luis

However, I have seen the greatest movie trilogy of all time… The Mighty Ducks! Judge and debate your bald headed momma! How could you not love and root for Gordon Bombay and Charlie?!  In D2, we got to swoon over that fine ass Luis Mendoza – who was also Benny the Jet in Sandlot, another great American classic. The Mighty Ducks movies taught me about love, triumph, overcoming life’s obstacles, even death!  RIP Hans!

Rumors of a Mighty Ducks 4 are swirling and I for one am ready for another Quack Attack! So round up Bombay, Charlie, the Smash Brothers, and everyone else and let’s sing “We Are the Champions” around the campfire one more time!

*starts slow clap* Quack! Quack! Quack!

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