At Your Request 1

Yesterday after my glorious tribute to The Mighty Ducks, a reader sent in a question asking me my favorite Disney movie.  Now the answer to this question might come as a surprise to some people.  Many of you are probably expecting me to say Aladdin.  The genie was awesome and I even have a few of the songs from the soundtrack on a Spotify playlist. But nope!

The obvious answer would be The Lion King! But naw; I mean don’t get me wrong, I cried when Mufasa died.  Scar and the hyena’s performance of “Be Prepared” is my shit. I adore this movie and think it’s one of the best children’s movies of all time, but it’s still not my favorite Disney movie.

So now you are thinking, “well what the hell is AB’s favorite Disney movie?”

*drumroll *


OMG, I love this fucking movie.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a summer camp for fat kids. However this summer the camp is bought by a fitness fanatic who wants to use it for an infomercial.  It is full of great one liners and jokes about fat kids. Nothing is funnier than fat people except fat kids right?! LMAO, I kid! It is one of the funniest Judd Apatow movies and quite honestly its Ben Stiller’s best work.  

So enjoy one of my favorite scenes from Heavyweights!




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