Oh 2015!

There are less than 24 hours left in 2015.  What a great year this has been! I was reflecting earlier this week with a few friends about some of my 2015 highlights. 


#5 – Blessings of My Circle – God was definitely in my neighborhood blessing the people I love dearly.  I witnessed Tahira, Shaquetta, and Maegan marry the loves of their lives.  I got to meet Baby Miles, Baby Malcolm, Baby Olivia, Baby Alana, and Baby Avery.  I watched so many get a great new job, myself included, and career accolades. Ezinne globe trotted and was featured in Black Enterprise magazine. I watched Tuck expand her website and travel for free, LOL! Dan passed her engineer’s exam. I watched Joi get a book deal! So much good happened to those I love, it was awesome to watch! 


#4 – Nneka’s Passing – I have never in life meet someone who lived life as freely and on their own terms as Nneka Fritz. A truly beautiful soul who left us way too early, but in the short time that I knew her she was truly an inspiration. I think that her passing inspired me explore so much more this year! Continue to rest peacefully Nneka! 


#3 – Letting Go! – I cut off my hair! As simple as it sounds it was a pretty major moment for me.  In the moment the stylist started cutting my hair I could literally feel weight being lifting off my shoulders. I did not think cutting my hair would be that moving of an experience for me, but it truly was.  With each snip of her scissors so much dead weight was gone, just like that! Now with Chaka 2.5 (my hair), all my fire and sass is back in full effect!  


#2 – Betting on Boone – 2015 was the year I remembered how to put me first! As much as I take care of others, I forgot what it meant to take care of me.  Slowly I added things back into my schedule that were only for me and gave no fucks about it. Weather it was a monthly facial, manis and pedis, or finding 4 hours a week to workout – it was all for me! I started listening to that inner voice to get my fire back! 


#1 – Exploration – This year I explored more of the world than ever before.  I looked back on the year and I was on a plane in April, June, July, September, October, November, and December. This past year I traveled to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London, Iceland, Bermuda, Dallas, New Orleans; all of which I had never been.  I even made my way to a few old faithful places – Atlanta and Ft. Lauderdale.   Each time I boarded a plane I embarked on a new adventure; weather it was ATVing up a volcano in Iceland or dune bashing in the desert in Abu Dhabi, each adventure taught me more about myself than the last.  


This past year showed me that I could live the life that I want – the one I deserve! 2015 revealed the depth of my conviction, love, determination, and strength.  In 2016, I am going to try something new – planning. I generally don’t plan; I go whichever way the wind blows me.  However, if you want different results you have to try different things, right?

Here’s hoping that 2016 is even better than 2015!! Happy New Year everyone!