Ghost of Bad Dick Past

I can't do it; I can't be with a guy who has bad sex. So not sorry about that! Not for one moment!

For the record I am not talking about ok sex. I am talking about horrific; do you know that I am a woman and not your hand sex? The type of sex where you start making a grocery list in your head, because he is fucking you like his dick is a Black and Decker drill and your vagina is a 4x4 piece of wood. That kind of awful sex.

It really sucks when you meet a great guy and you wait a while before you have sex. Then you have sex and its fucking terrible. So you make the excuse "oh it was our first time. It will get better." Then you have sex again and it’s even worse. Then you curse the universe for sending you a great guy who can't fuck. *shakes fist angrily at the sky* 

Life is way to short to go through it having bad sex. Why would you settle to be with someone who can't please you sexually? Sex is supposed to be two people having a great time while pleasing each other. KEYWORDS -- pleasing each other. Why should we have to settle and suffer? Is love worth that? I don't subscribe to a belief of love where the physical chemistry is fucked, LOL! I don't. 

Now if he has long money, then maybe we can work something out, LMAO! Shit I still have Sallie Mae on my back, don't judge me! lol 

If you fuck me bad, I will never take you serious. In my book no sex is better than bad sex! So to all my ghost of bad dick past...there is no need to ever send the "Hey Stranger" text to me!

Talk to me people, can you seriously date someone who has bad sex? Do you date someone who has bad sex? *gasp* I wanna hear, am I alone here?


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