The Big Wipeout

Thanks to Storm Jonas, I had a chance to do so much needed organizing and cleaning at home.  So after a pretty lazy snow day on Saturday, I decided to use my Sunday productively. During my cleaning, I found so many things that I have held on too for YEARRRRSSSSSS.

So friends, “Hi my name is AB and I am a pack rat.”

Whew there it is! It feels good to say out loud! I admit I have a problem. I can attach an emotional value to things and then I keep them. I feel like sometimes it’s ok like keeping an extremely gorgeous heirloom from my great great aunt; other times it’s like “AB throw the damn stack of birthday cards away.”  LOL! However, here are a few take-a-ways I learned yesterday.

1.     You Tried It and it Doesn’t Work For You

Collection of old spirit week shirts and beanie babies! LOL!

Collection of old spirit week shirts and beanie babies! LOL!

I must have found eight incomplete journals. This year I even purchased a new journal in an attempt to make journaling a habit. After finding all of these old incomplete journals, I said, “Fuck it. I wont ever buy another journal again. “ Clearly journaling isn’t for me, yet I have been trying to force it for years. I even have an app on my phone to journal and I still don’t do it. So I will never by myself another journal again. 

2.     Look Before You Throw it Away

I found some old beanie babies while cleaning up. Yes beanie babies and was just going to throw them away.  My friend Ashley sent me a link for beanie baby valuation. Turns out one of them might be worth $500.  So yes, it is great that you are purging but just make sure you aren’t throwing out valuable things. 

3.     Find More Creative Ways to Store Memories

A few Facebook friends offered some truly creative ways to store and keep my memories, but in a purposeful manner. Someone suggest that I turn all of my t-shirts into a quilt.  Another person suggested organizing cards, programs, and obituaries on rings by year as a more organized approach to keeping memories.  

Are you a pack rat?  Do you have problems throwing things away?  Or are you a former pack rat and want to share how you have overcome those issues, then let me know!