5Spot Vol. 1

I started doing list of random thoughts on Facebook over a year ago.  When I say random, I mean random. So there is your introduction to a new EOTM blog segment. :) 

  1. Ask for what you want! It seems so simple, yet often times we never explicitly ask for what we desire. So if you can't advocate for yourself and ask for what you want, who will? You have got to ASK!!!!!!!!!!!! Men ask, women make inferences...STOP THAT, ASK!

  2. Can we all take a second to verify shit before we share it on social media. Uncle Phil died a few years ago! You aren't going to win a Range Rover by sharing a photo! No one is sharing their lottery winnings either! Let's just all take a second to verify before we hit share! 

  3. Nothing gets people to the dance floor quicker than hearing "Cash money taking over for the 9-9 into the 2000..." NOTHING! Not up for debate here.

  4. Confession: I can not make pancakes. Like not at all! 

  5. I read today that Penthouse was going to stop printing magazines. Sounds like a sound business move to me. Sex and porn is everywhere. Who the fuck was still buying nude magazines to masturbate to? 


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