...From Someone Else

Today one of my “email buddies” and I were stalking, I mean talking lol, about Mop Top Maven’s amazing site. We were lusting for it and plotting on how to steal, well everything about her. Lol…But we were also admiring how beautiful she was with her natural hair. My friend responded with a lovely message …
“Kind of like my good friend A. You were definitely pretty before [with my perm] but there’s something more there now. Idk how to describe it. Maybe it’s a glow that comes from being confident and taking better care of yourself! Natural hair requires such a commitment and it becomes a whole lifestyle.”
WOW!! Talking about knocking my socks off…however once I got over the shock of her thoughtful words, I realized she was right! I totally agree with her…I AM PRETTIER, MORE BEAUTIFUL with my hair in its natural state. I honestly do not know what it is that provides this newfound “glow” or confidence, but I believe that I have a healthy self-acceptance of me. My natural hair has made me say, “This is me, this is who I am and I love it!”
These unexpected words from a friend came right at a time of frustration, stress, and confusion. The message in these words from my friend, gave me 10 seconds of self-reflection to regroup myself and let the confident woman that I am re-emerge. These words from someone else erased the brewing doubt, anxiety, and fear away.
Sometimes I guess you just need to hear it from someone else… :-)