The Quest for Something More...

As you all know, I love being a natural girl. I love my kinks, curls, frizz, and even my one strand knots…well not really, but I am working on accepting them! J I thoroughly research products before buying them. I feel like I am a part time chemist as I scour product labels looking for dreaded ingredients like ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL & SODIUM LAURYL SUFATE. I will not let certain things touch my hair.
About 3 months ago, I took my natural beauty regimen a step further and I began making my own skincare products. Again I morph into a mix-tress as I whip up clay detox masks and steep green tea to make my facial toner. Each product made with care and pride that I no longer have to shell out excessive money on products to diminish blemishes and eliminate blackheads. I have found a way to end these dreaded problems with a few trips to Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Little India (my fav Indian grocery store).
As I approached my fro’s birthday, I had an epiphany. in my best Chrisette voice I put all of this work and effort into researching natural options for vanity sake, but I do not place the same attention on body. Over the past 10 months, I have cared for and watched my grandmother battle stage 4 cancer, and I vowed that I am going to do my part to prevent my body from succumbing to this dreadful disease as much as possible. If I can place the same effort into my food and exercise habits then I would be healthy, with glowing skin and hair down my back! Oww!!
It has been almost two months since I visited old friends like McDonald’s or Burger King or had a Coke. I have been attending bellydance classes twice a week – which I love by the way – and I am hoping to add Zumba into the routine soon. I am taking my time because ultimately I want this to be more than a diet or a quick way to drop 10 pounds… I WANT THIS TO BE A LIFESTYLE CHANGE!!!
Now if someone could only tell me how to remove this damn sweet tooth…