Kudos to BET!!! Black Girls Rock was a great presentation and display of the accomplishments of several great black women. The show was absolutely incredible!!! It has been a long time since I watched anything on BET and walked away feeling empowered. I mean I literally died, went to heaven, saw St. Peter, the feet of the Lord while Jill, Ledisi, Marsha, and Kelly performed. Then I went back and revisited my Lord when Tasia, Ledisi, Marsha, and Kelly performed. BET needs to know that that really was the best two hours of anything they have aired in the past 10 years! :-)

However after the show wrapped, I logged onto Facebook to see the status below:
“im going to always be pro women. I believe in building up our women. but if I wasnt to tired id go in on the fact that our women have to wait until tyler perry movies or the I rock on bet to realize their strength and self worth. sincerely frustrated bachelor.”
*deep sigh* BBM sad face, KIK angry face….all that shit!! Where do I begin!
My first thought was really?!? Really dude, really?!?! Black women know that they are awesome. We do not need or request that Tyler Perry speak for us and measure our strength and self worth. We do not need or request that BET air Black Girls Rock, however in this day and age its is needed and necessary. Black women do not often receive the praise of their worth. More often than not, we are broadcast in popular culture as oversexed-ghetto-neck-rolling-gum-popping individuals or downtrodden-angry-bitter-always-gonna-be-single individuals.
It is nice when there are other representations of the vast fabric of African-American women. Presentations and examples of black women doing all of the things she is capable of doing are refreshing to see in the media. Shows like Black Girls Rock aren’t needed to show us our worth, but a lovely reminder of how great we really are and to showcase that greatness to the world, all while appreciating the undertakings of other great black women!
I for one am self aware of my worth, strength, courage, fears, triumphs, desires, wants, and needs; I am surrounded by so many beautiful strong black women who are equally self aware. So black men, please don’t stop uplifting us and don’t misunderstand the intentions of those who choose to give us a voice, publicly acknowledge, and uplift us either!