Facebook is the New Food Network!

We have all seen them and at one point we probably shared one ourselves -- those damn Tasty and Proper cooking videos! 

I think it is now safe to say that the sharing of these videos on Facebook have now reached epidemic levels. Every other item on my Facebook news feed is a sharing of crispy lemon chicken thighs or pomegranate sticky wings. I really have to commend BuzzFeed on developing quality content. JOB WELL DONE! 

See one of the off brand spin offs! LOL! 

See one of the off brand spin offs! LOL! 

Really, you are scrolling your news feed and in the midst of all of the Donald Trump anger and then all the sudden you see something covered in bacon. You instantly think "OMG, I am going to make this," and you hit share. They make it look so easy. In 30 seconds you too can make mini Cornish hens with a cream sauce. I have no idea if that is a real video, but I'm sure if Tasty has yet to make it, we will have it on our Facebook feeds next week. 

Your obsession with these videos has now created spin-off low budget versions. STOPPP! Maybe I am mad, that I stop what I am doing and watch every single one that is shared. These damn videos have overtaken my Facebook feed. Can I let you in on a secret? There is already a social media network that lets you save and share recipes freely that you will most likely never make, its called Pinterest.  Take those videos there now! LOL! 

However, I will admit these videos are a lot better than looking at some of y'all struggle dinner plates. LOL!