5Spot Vol.8

Apparently it is Spring time, but who would know with the snow flurries and cold temps. BOOOOOO!

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  1. I can not stop listening to Rihanna's Anti album. I really can't. I love how she can always switches up her style and it works! Her team picks great songs for her. If you have not listened yet, you should! Love RiRi! 
  2. So, Apple Music decided to disrespect me this morning by offering me a playlist titled "Desperate and Alone." I may be single, but I am neither desperate or alone. LMAO! St. Steve Jobs fix it please! Then Spotify puts that dreadful new Tisha Campbell Martin song on my Discover Weekly playlist. NO BUENO! 
  3. One of the best shows on television, that you are probably not watching, is The Carmichael Show! The show is so well done and authentic to the black experience. I swear some of the conversations are verbatim ones that I have had with family and friends. They have tackled issues like the plan b pill, Bill Cosby, transgender issues, and religion! Check it out, so good!
  4. Effort and consistency make all the damn difference! 
  5.  Happy Birthday Twitter!! The best place on the internet, thanks to black twitter!