I Am a New Fan of the KonMari Method!

Recently, I have been feeling heavy - like really heavy! I've been carrying a lot of stuff; some might even say hoarding a lot of stuff. LOL! 

A recent goal has been to purchase a brand new iMac -- I mean its really a need, because editing The Boonie Breakdown podcast on my MacBook screen is killing my eyes. However, I have been struggling about where am I going to put this iMac in my house. I have been disgusted that I can't find the space in my house because I have too much stuff! 

We are always told that we shouldn't put value into the things, physical objects. Yet after being in my home for almost 7 years, I have amassed a lot of things. Many of these things I loved, some at one point had a true purpose; but one thing remained true they, were all MINE! I remember the moment I purchased those purple plates 5 years ago. Oh and I def remember where I was when I purchased that brown sheath dress that still has the tag on it. The tag has now faded. 

Towards the end of last year I heard about the KonMari Method. This method which was developed by Marie Kondo, "is widely regarded as a new approach to decluttering based on Japanese values in order to surround yourself with items that spark joy." With this method, they suggest that you start the purging process by attacking your closet.

So I started with my closet and was so shocked at how hard of a process that was. I had attached so many memories or feelings to the the dresses, pants, and skirts hanging in that space. I took every single item out of my closet and one by one I examined each article of clothing. The end result was a fairly empty but organized closet.

I sold many of the items on Poshmark, donated 2 bags of items to Purple Heart and trashed another 2 bags of clothes. I now have room to update my closet with pieces that bring my joy and reflect my current style. The method is not only great for purging, but its awesome for organizing. You should be able to look in a drawer and see everything. GOOD BYE PILES! HELLO VERTICAL STACKING! 

The kitchen purge.

The kitchen purge.

I was happy with that process and felt great about it, but the heaviness still was there. So, two weeks ago, I came home and attacked my kitchen in the same manner. I grabbed everything out of every single cabinet and drawer. "Why did I have so much pasta?" "How old is this jar of peanut butter?" "Does that say best by 2012?" I had so much shit that I threw out - glassed and dishes that I donated. My kitchen is now spotless and so well organized! 

I am so impressed by this purging and organizing method that I am going to do this process in every room of my house. Every closet, drawer, shelf, etc. will be immaculate and try to fit the KonMari method! 

This whole purging experience has made me think differently about my belongings, and even respect them. I am more aware of where there are gaps and I can bring in things that I enjoy. When you simply have to ask "Does this bring my joy?" the purchasing process seems to get easier.  There will definitely be more intention to the individual things I purchase to create my style and my home. Hopefully soon, I'll have the space to bring that beautiful new iMac home! 

There is no shame in things bringing you joy, just make sure you get rid of them when the joy ends.