5Spot Vol. 35

The unicorn already had the twins. I am convinced. So here are some more random thoughts that I have had this week, LOL! 

*insert heart eye emoji*

*insert heart eye emoji*

  1. People who walk onto the elevator on the 7th floor and hit the button to get off on the 6th floor are pieces of shit! Like you could not walk DOWN a flight of stairs. Like come the fuck on! I judge people who use the elevator to go up one level, but to go down one level is literally the worse! OMG! Those with physical disabilities and aliments are not included in this group of assholes lmao!
  2. What did we do to the pollen to deserve this level of attack? I mean my allergies are putting me through it! The pollen has come to fuck shit up in 2017. I was not at all prepared. 
  3. WHO THE FUCK THINKS RIHANNA IS FAT? FUCK YOU! Thickanna is back and I am rejoicing. I totally stanned out on Episode 14 of the podcast about Rihanna's thickness! Go listen, if you haven't! 
  4. I just saw that Mr. Dalvin is performing at Baltimore Soundstage in July. Yes, that Mr. Dalvin -- the one from Jodeci. However I am confused. What will he being doing? Where is Devonte, KCi, and JoJo? LOL!
  5. The Carmichael Show is good television. I love how they tackle pretty controversial topics in a relatable and funny way. The show is truly authentic to the black experience. I totally can see friends and family saying some of the same things verbatim. Check it out

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