Is a Camel for Prom Too Much?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably seen the most elaborate prom send-off to ever happen. North Philly mother Saudia Shuler went all the way out for her son's prom send-off. 

She bought Dubai to North Philly by planning a $25,000 lavish block party prom send-off for her son. You can find out more of the details here. The opulence of the send off naturally drew lots of criticism; I mean there was three tons of sand bought in for the occasion. Where does one buy three tons of sand? How much does sand cost? I mean really, I have some questions, LOL! 

I even engaged in a few conversations about the affair myself. I had a few people who seemed okay with the send-off since it was the mother's deathbed promise fulfilled. Others just didn't give a fuck because it wasn't their money. Then some just couldn't believe that anyone would spend $25,000 on a prom send-off.  

Personally, I wouldn't spend $25,000 on such an occasion as a prom send-off; but for full disclosure I wouldn't even spend that on a wedding either, LOL! However, I got the sentiment and the intention behind the act. The more I talked it out with people, I thought it was interesting how some people felt so passionate about this. In one conversation I literally said, "You know what I have to blog about this." It is so amazing to watch people begin to become forensic accountants and begin counting this woman's coins. Jewish people drop a pretty penny on bat/bar mitzvah and latinos spend a nice amount on quinceañeras. The black bourgeoisie even have debutante balls. But as soon as regular black folk spend one penny too much on prom, here come all the finance police. This may be a reach, but it seems that the prom send-off is becoming a new cultural phenom, much like the aforementioned celebrations of our Jewish and latino brethren.

I mean really, everyone becomes an accountant and they want to know "Did the kid have a college scholarship?" Or "Why did the mom live in North Philly and still spend $25,000 on the send-off?"  Black people aren't afforded the same freedoms with their monies as other groups. Whether you are rich or poor, the choices that black folk make with their money are always scrutinized. As I was writing this, I see that Kendrick Lamar was clowned for buying his sister a Toyota Camry for a graduation gift. Excuse me what?! Since he was rich was he expected to buy her a Tesla? What's wrong with a Camry? I fucking drive one! LMAO! I can't with you people.

However back to my original point. No one ask if the Jewish kids' parents have a 401K before they dropped $20,000 on a bat mitzvah. I never hear anyone asking how much money the latino family has in their money market account when their quinceañera pictures go viral. So why question Saudia Shuler?

I attended eight prom send offs this year and all of them except one was some type of celebration -- however not to the scale of #DubaiProm send-off. Each one gave the young people a chance to be the standout star and receive the attention of their family and friends. Who can be mad at parents supporting their kids who deserve it with something positive?! I mean after all, it ain't your damn money! LOL!  

So talk to me! What do you think about the #DubaiProm send-off or prom send-offs in general? Let me know in the comments! 



P.S. I for one just know these young people are killing the game with these looks and I want a damn prom do-over! LMAO!