Twitter vs. Facebook!

Twitter is better than Facebook! 

Really it is! Twitter is always fast paced and on to something new! Black Twitter makes the experience even more amazing! Here is a list of all the ways Twitter is better than Facebook:

  1.  Celebrities -- You can talk to celebrities with such ease! I mean I have received tweets from Kim Kardashian, Mona Scott Young, and even birthday wishes from Jill Scott!  I mean, that shit doesn't happen on Facebook.
  2. Breaking News -- I remember the day Prince died; I didn't rush to open Facebook nor Google, but I opened my Twitter app looking for the dreaded confirmation. Twitter does breaking news better.  I am sure the news will make it to Facebook, tomorrow! LOL! 
  3. Customer Service -- When ever I am wronged by a business, I drag them for filth on twitter and I get an instant response from their team. I've gotten free Chipotle, free products, and price-matching from Nordstom all from a tweet. I even taught my mom the power of Twitter and got free car repairs from Hyundai. 
  4. Connections -- I have meet some really dope people on twitter. I mean I went to Rihanna's last concert with a twitter follower. Even though I know Facebook friends in real life, I don't talk to them, LOL! Twitter makes social networking so much easier! 
  6. Memes -- All of your favorite memes started as a tweet. No seriously. They almost always were some stolen tweet. Also, BuzzFeed would have like 50% less articles if it wasn't for twitter. They are the King of Tweet Compliation articles. 

Facebook is so worried about stealing every other social media platform to add to theirs that its become slightly insufferable.  No matter what anyone says, Twitter is the king of all Social Media!  Let me know what other reasons you love Twitter better than Facebook in the comments.