Fucked or Loved: What Matters More?

I had a dream y'all! Not the MLK type of dream, but a tried and true sex dream! Boy was it a good one! LOL! 

This wasn't a normal sex dream for me, but since we are all close friends, I feel comfortable sharing it with you all. So I signed up to do a web series sex talk show. Don't ask any questions, but I did! So I am on the show and the host is like we are going to play a little game. "A game?" I think to myself, but I agree to it.

You guys remember, Love Connection? Well think that, but having five of your past sex partners coming out on to the stage. LMAO!  So I am sitting there with the host as they all walk out and I am laughing at the selections of the host. Now as a sidenote, I have no idea how the game show knew this information, LOL! I don't know if I had to fill out a questionnaire or whatever -- no clue. But back to the story.

The host then tells me that I could win $25,000 if I pick who had the best sex, after I rate them all to their face, while hooked up to a lie detector test. OMG! This sounds easier than it was in my dream. I glance over at the panel and I realize that some of these guys are like my favorite and finest penismeat. Immediately I started making a list of qualities to describe their bedroom performance:

  • Lover # 1 - Solid performer. Mostly got me where I needed to be but never took control. Sexually I outgrew him. 
  • Lover # 2 - Multiple orgasm giver. Will always give an A+ effort to get you there. Talks too fucking much during sex for my liking. Average kisser. 
  • Lover # 3 - WASTE OF MY TIME. Could barely get it up and when he didn't I might as well have used that time doing something more useful like my taxes. HE DEFINITELY WAS NOT IT! 

Then I looked at the last two guys and was like holy fuck! I can't decide between these two! How am I to decide?! 

  • Lover #4 - The things this man could do. *shivers* Perfect penis. He knew how to use it. Mouf was never really needed. 
  • Lover #5 - The stamina of a beast, wolf, cheetah, idk some type of wild animal, LOL! He would throw my big ass around like I was a rag doll. Always exciting! 

Fuck! I couldn't lie because the damn lie detector test. The host tells me that I have 30 seconds left to make a selection. I couldn't. I honestly couldn't. I keep going back and fourth between #4 and #5 and thought of one last thing that could help me. I loved lover #4. I loved him hard. Then I hear the buzzer. Time was up. I made no selection. I lost $25,000.  I did get a constellation prize, I ended up fucking lover #5 in the bathroom. LMAO!

Crazy dream, but it really got me to thinking. If you were on this game show, who would you have picked -- the one you loved or Mr. Stamina? Like what matters more -- the sex or the love? Or is sex only truly good when love is involved? 

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