When Memes Try It! Vol.6

Are you dumb? *Remy Ma Voice* The tweet that accompanied this meme said that "social media was just as dangerous as crack was in the 80s."

I wish y'all could hear the fucking cackles that I am letting out right now in my home! LIKE FOR REAL GUT BUSTING CACKLES! You really made a visual crack pipe out of social media logos? ARE YOU DUMB? You really drew the comparison of crack being equivalent to social media? ARE YOU DUMB? Pookie doesn't deserve to be used in artwork like this! LOL! 

I kind of, kind of, get where the artist was going with this visual. I think highlighting the some what addictive nature of social media is fair, but this might be the biggest reach I have seen this year! The detriment caused by crack cocaine can NOT be compared to the addiction to Twitter, Facebook, etc.  

I have not seen social media destroy communities. I have not seen social media destroy vibrant people. I have not seen anyone selling their kids clothes for Instagram likes. I have not seen anyone stealing TVs to boost their follower counts. I have not seen a spike in murders because of Instagram likes. The crack epidemic destroyed families and it is not fair to trivialize the affects it had on the black community by liking it to a social media addiction. You can't just log out of crack! My goodness! 

Social media ain't crack. Simple as that! People are getting lazier and lazier in their comparisons and need to be fake deep. JUST STOP!