5 Spot Vol. 31

Anyone else hurting this Monday? 

  1. Winter is finally showing up! FINALLY! I want all 12 inches...of this snow! *winks*
  2. I have no one to get snowed in with though! So that blows... 
  3. Daylight Savings Time is great for the extra sunlight, but dumb too! I have to change all my clocks and it kills me slowly when my stove clock and my microwave clock don't match. They can not be a minute off!
  4. I really should stop drinking. The hangovers are so much worse at 32 than they were at 25. My goodness! Hangovers literally hurt my entire body now. 
  5. Anyone else watch Real Housewives of Atlanta? Can we talk about how dumb Porsha is. I mean dumb as a bag of rocks, but what a damn body she has on her! WHEW! And that Phaedra been lying since her debut on the show. I am so over Frick and Frack! Also, I have noticed that they never want to admit when Kenya is right -- those moments are few and far between though. 

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My Northeast brethren enjoy the snow and stay warm and safe!