Favorite Albums of 2017

KG and I are here with our top five favorite albums of 2017! Let's make it clear, these our OUR favorites! LOL! We invite discussion only, NO DEBATING! Feel free to share with us your favorite albums of the year in the comment section. 

He Says:

5. Syd - Fin

Syd continues to make music that can steal your girl away from you.  Don’t let her lock eyes with her for more than five seconds.  But honestly, she is having a great run with The Internet, her EP, and then Fin - which has very good replay value. 

4. SZA - Control

Good album with no fluff that honestly hits on every musical genre.  The first lady of TDE doesn’t give you all the loving fluff that you get from a lot of “R&B” albums.  How often do you get tracks about 3 chicks sharing one dude and working through that?

3. Daniel Caesar - Freudian


Man, what a breath of fresh air this album was.  Like a wave of new age Marvin (sound wise). 

2. Kendrick Lamar - Damn

Kendrick dropped another incredible album.  I think we are beginning to treat him like Lebron and not cherish his talent in the moment.  Think about it…how many rappers have dropped FOUR classics?  If Kendrick died today, would he go down as the greatest rapper ever?

1. Rapsody - Laila’s Wisdom

Rapsody is better than your favorite Rappers favorite rapper.  She shattered all idiotic stereotypes about Female MCs and created a timeless classic here.  9th Wonder and Guru placed the perfect production behind the great storytelling.    

She Says:  

5. Calvin Harris - Funk Waves Bounces Vol. 1

Calvin had so many great artist on this album that made it the perfect album for cruising. "Slide" and "Rollin" were legit my Summer 2017 songs. I would literally only remove the Nicki Minaj song from the album. 

4. Syd - Fin

I love Syd. I saw Syd in concert with The Internet this year. She is perfection. Her voice is perfection. She could def get the panties and I don't know how that works. LOL! 

3. Rihanna - Anti

Yes, I know this album came out last year, but I still listen to it weekly. I DON'T CARE! It is Rihanna's best. It has been on the Billboard 200 chart for 100 weeks now. SHE'S MY QUEEN! 


2. Daniel Ceaser - Freudian

Man! What a great album. I had not heard anything by this artist until I listened to this album. My favorite songs are Best Part featuring H.E.R. and Take Me Away featuring Syd. 

1. H.E.R - H.E.R

Late last year, my Spotify Daily Mix #2 played this song by someone I had never heard -- the song was Pigment. I instantly thought, who the hell is this? Looked it up and the artist had an EP with 5 songs. But in 2017 H.E.R dropped a full EP with 21 songs. It is amazing! I mean she sampled "Say Yes" for an equally sexy song. She is only 20 years old and this EP has me excited to see what else she has in store for us! 

Talk to us, what were some of your favorite albums of 2017!